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Every year, thousands of tourists flock to famous landmarks and historical sites with dark and sinister pasts. They trek from all over the world, lining up for hours or even wait for days to access those ‘gram-able locations just to say: “I’ve been there”. But what are the implications of building a tourist attraction out of some of the worst moments in our planet’s history?

Most of us have had a small experience of dark tourism at some point in their travels, even without realising it. We may unknowingly contribute when checking out the Catacombs of Paris. Or when we…

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As we move into what will be 6 months of living in the grips of a global pandemic, it’s time to think about the reality of the world around us and the future impacts. Already 2020 has produced unprecedented movements in social distancing, personal protection equipment and how we interact with friends and family. There’s been travel restrictions, economic crashes and a continued rise in anti-things — from maskers to vaxxers and everything in between.

All of these have become what can only be described as the new norm of things we might just need to accept. We may need…

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They say fashion is an art form, but is it really that exciting when it’s on and off the shelf within weeks?

I’m not the most prevalent shopper going around. In fact, I rarely buy new clothing unless I really need to update my wardrobe. But when I do, I try to do my homework and look for items that really stand out, a little bit unique.

But the more I looked, the more I noticed how much low-quality, fast fashion dominates the landscape. …

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Picture this if you will: you give up eating meat and grow all your vegetables in your garden. You live off the grid, with only solar power and rain water for all your washing needs. You even live plastic free, make your own clothes and drink tea made from plants you grew.

Let’s talk about sustainable living. Currently the way most westerners live is simply not sustainable for our future. So I have been trying to change my ways to be less of an a-hole to the environment.

The problem is, much like any fantastic life you see on Instagram…

Ok, so the title might sound like a strange topic at first, but hear me out. Context matters.

For the last few months, I have been putting a lot of focus on restricting or cutting back on luxuries in an effort to shake up my habits. And that’s ok, it did give me a bit of a circuit breaker of sorts. But I also found that I got the most out of adding habits in.

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When I was doing restrictive challenges, I found that I was falling straight back into the habit within days of completion. But when I meditated…

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I love coffee in the morning. When the caffeine hits it feels like a warm hug, and I truly feel that this is the best way to wake up (particularly when I’ve had a late one or a bad night’s sleep). I will usually feel foggy and sleepy until I have had my coffee, and if I miss my morning hit, the day is a real struggle. I’m not productive, I take longer to focus and I generally just feel like a sluggish mess. Over the years, I have had what I feel to be an unhealthy relationship with caffeine…

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Recently, a trend has emerged where celebrities and public figures are called out and ‘cancelled’ in the public sphere and on social media. I have at times, enjoyed watching careers crumble as the social media machine tears down its next victim for questionable decisions they have made in the past or the present. Watching Harvey Weinstein’s long overdue public shaming felt like a small kernel of justice served cold and I only wished it had lasted longer.

We’ve seen it in the form of documentaries and Podcasts, and most recently in social media attacks. However, I’m not here to discuss…

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The latest of my challenges was certainly not the smartest to do in an Autumn month but I decided to give it a crack anyway. You may have gathered that I like to read about interesting people and topics, to learn something from their behaviours and improve my habits.

Its one of the reasons I have been writing about these challenges and will continue to do so. I have learned a lot about changing behaviours and conditioning myself to being uncomfortable.

A little while ago I read an article about The Iceman Wim Hof, a Dutch body adaptation guru who…

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As the year begins to rocket its way to the halfway point, I thought it was time to attempt to slow down and enjoy the little moments. Reflecting on the last 4 months, I’ve started these challenges to alter some habits in a bid to strengthen my mind and body, particularly where stress is concerned.

I have a particularly hard time switching off at the end of the day, with my brain whirring into the evening often interrupting my sleep despite me not consciously thinking about work or other things floating around my brain. …

Off the back of my somewhat bumpy month off social media and TV, I’ve decided to undertake a series of month-long challenges to rewire my body and change some habits. These challenges are designed to test my resolve in some cases, and just remove or limit bad habits in others.

The first of my official challenges was to go the 31 days of March without eating added sugar. What I mean by this, is not eating foods that contain fructose or sucrose on top of those that are naturally occurring in the ingredients within the foods. This meant no honey…

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